Clean/ BioTechnologies and IPRs

The work on clean technologies coincided with  the grant of the US AEP Fellowship in 1994 which took me to be attached to the US-EPA ( Region V) office in Atlanta. The focus of the attachment was on Cleaner Production Technologies and Techniques with reference to water resources. I studied the experience with small community water treatment programmes in Georgia and Florida. The academic portion of the Fellowship was completed by me when I was worked as a Visiting Scholar  with the Energy and Resources Group, University of California at Berkeley in 1994. I was to use the land treatment technique that I had imbibed subsequently while designing coffee pollution abatement programmes for coffee farmers during 1997-2000 AD. My work on plant Biotechnologies and Societal Risks arose from my work on transgenic plants with reference to plantation and agricultural crops and societal risks that I conducted for the Ministry of Environment and Forests during 1998-2001 and 2007-10 respectively.


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